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In addition to the main campus of Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) which is located in Rockland County, New York, there is a large satellite campus located between downtown and midtown in the area known as TriBeCa. Established in 1997, the goal of the ATS-NYC campus is to make seminary studies accessible to those who work in the city and to provide a thoroughly urban context for theological education.

Founder Dr. Albert B. Simpson conducted the very first classes on the back of a Broadway stage then relocated to the lower Hudson Valley in Rockland County, New York in 1987. After 100 years, Alliance Theological Seminary returned to the city in 1997. Today, Alliance Theological Seminary serves over 1,300 students in the New York campus. ATS-NYC campus currently offers graduate degree programs on Master in Divinity, Master of Professional Studies and Master of Arts in Biblical Literature.

Master of Divinity at Alliance Theological Seminary – NYC

ATS-NYC’s Master of Divinity is a 93-credit program which is recognized as the most comprehensive and basic level graduate preparing for ministerial leadership and for future study in the theological disciplines. The M. Div. curriculum develops progressively over three years through the Person Phase, the Church Phase and the Ministry Phase. Please refer to the ATS-Nyack for more information

The purpose of the Master of Divinity degree is to produce whole people for general leadership in Christian service, whether in their own on in another culture, by bringing into dialogue with the various dimensions of theological education (church and academy; theology and social science inquiry; the biblical world and the contemporary world; classroom and experience; character and competence; and wisdom and skill.)

Required Master of Divinity Core Courses – (48 credits)

  • Proclamation & Communication (3)
  • Worship Arts & Disciplines (3)
  • Working with People (3)
  • People as Social & Cultural Beings (3)
  • Church as a Social & Cultural Institution (3)
  • Perspectives in Mission (3)
  • Reading the New Testament (3)
  • Greek Bible & Western Mediterranean World (3)
  • Hermeneutics (3)
  • Reading the Old Testament (3)
  • Hebrew Bible & Eastern Mediterranean World (3)
  • Personal/Prof/Theol Foundations for Ministry (3)
  • Biblical Theology (3)
  • Theology in the Global Context (3)
  • History of Christianity (3)
  • Church in the Urban World (3)

Mentored Development Courses – 9 credits

  • SF 503 – 1st Year Initiation in Spiritual Formation (3)
  • SF 603 – 2nd Year Field Education (3)
  • SF 703 – 3rd Year Spiritual Formation Capstone (3)

The Urban Ministries Track: As part of the Master of Divinity curriculum, students are required to pick a track to specialized in. The Urban Ministries track is offered primarily at the Manhattan Campus and this track emphasizes the perspectives and specialized training necessary for ministry in an urban environment. This track includes the following 6 courses/ 18 credits.

  • Christian Ethics (3)
  • Urban Theology (3)
  • Urban Church & the Poor (3)
  • Urban Community & Worldview Analysis (3)
  • Urban Community Development (3)
  • Leadership Development & the Urban Church (3)

Aside from the Urban Ministries Track, Bible and Theology Track and Church Development Track is offered in ATS-NYC Campus. [Please refer to the ATS-Nyack for more information]

Professional Development Courses: In addition to the tracks, students select 6 professional development courses (18 credits) of their choosing within the ATS curriculum or in consultation with the Dean, from other graduate programs within the Nyack College System. This flexibility allows for further study in areas related to career goals and personal interest.

More information about the curriculum of Alliance Theological Seminary.

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