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HMS Richards Divinity School of La Sierra University

Located in Riverside, California, the HMS Richards Divinity School provides general religious studies for all students studying at La Sierra University. The HMS Richards Divinity School offers the only Seventh-day Adventist graduate academic and professional programs in religion and ministry in the western United States.

Based upon the central Christian belief in one God, the Creator of the world and Redeemer of humankind, these studies explore the Bible as the inspired Word of God, provide instruction in Christian faith, examine the history and mission of the church, and offer guidance for Christian life.

Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary

Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary (IATS) is an educational institution of the Inter‐American Division of the Seventh-­day Adventists that provides graduate Theology/Religion Education to Inter-American Pastors/Teachers in 10 sites on the campus of 10 affiliated Adventist Universities and Seminaries. IATS is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools and The Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

The IATS is committed to providing professional and academic programs to ministers in Central America, the Caribbean and the northern part of South America. Professional programs include the MA in Pastoral Theology, and the Doctor of Ministry; the only academic program is an MA in Religion. These programs are offered at various affiliated sites: Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and Venezuela.