Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) is one of the largest conservative evangelical seminaries in the world with more than 70 denominations represented. Located in Dallas, Texas, the seminary has more than 14,000 alumni from over 100 countries serving the world. The seminary was founded by Lewis Sperry Chafer and W. H. Griffith Thomas in 1924. It has grown to have extension campuses in Atlanta, Austin, Guatemala, Houston, Knoxville, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Washington, D.C., and Tampa. DTS offers degrees in Master of Theology, Master of Arts, Doctoral Programs and Non-professional degrees. With past presidents including John Walvoord and Charles Swindoll, the seminary has been known for many years as the academic center of dispensationalism.

Dr. Mark L. Bailey succeeded Dr. Chuck Swindoll and assumed the Seminary’s presidency in 2001. Aside from being the president of Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Bailey is the professor of Bible Exposition and is thoroughly committed to upholding the seminary’s commitment to dispensationalism.

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  1. “I have always been impressed with comprehensive knowledge of the biblical and theological teaching of DTS alums. I realized it was because DTS covers every book of the Bible exegetically or expositionally, not just in survey.”

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  2. A few years after I graduated from DTS, there was a period of time where I wondered if seminary had really been worth it. But later, when I was leading a breakout session on technology and faith in a large church conference, someone came up to me afterward and said, “You’re the first speaker at this entire conference that used the Bible in your talk and really incorporated God’s story in what you taught us.” That conversation made me realize that all those extra Bible courses that I got at DTS formed me in such a way that it just seems natural to look at everything I’m doing through the lens of Scripture. I know of other seminaries that do a great job teaching a particular denomination or theological view and others that are really strong in various ministry techniques. But after that conference, I’ve always been glad that DTS’s strength is simply preparing men and women to teach the Scriptures trusting that entering into God’s story changes lives.”

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  3. Best seminary in dispensationalism tradition with rigorous academic training and a superior faculty body. 40% of textbooks used in evangelical seminaries are written by DTS faculty members or alumni. Nearly 100 evangelical seminary president/vice-president/academic dean’s are DTS graduates.

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