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Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (GCTS) is an interdenominational evangelical Christian graduate school dedicated to equipping students to ‘all facets of gospel outreach’. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary combines a rich tradition with cutting-edge educational innovation. Rooted in the gospel and God’s Word, GCTS seeks to develop Christian leaders who are thoughtful, globally aware, spiritually mature and ready for a broad array of ministries.

The original Hamilton campus serves as the main campus with a diverse student body of approximately 632 students from 55 denominations and 22 foreign countries. It offers a wide variety of masters and doctoral degrees. Its masters degrees are offered on a full-time, residential model and provide students with a classical theological education, the opportunity for deep spiritual formation, and an emphasis on global engagement and practical training. Its faculty has an international reputation in the areas of biblical studies, ministry and theology. And besides from its main campus in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary also has an urban campus located in downtown Boston known as the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME), a campus in Charlotte, North Carolina, and an extension site located in Jacksonville, Florida.

The current president of Gordon-Conwell is Dennis Hollinger, a Christian Ethicist.

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  1. I have taken a 3 week January term class and lived on campus during that time, and I am a current distance student at Gordon-Conwell. It is an excellent school. It is very academic. The M.Div. program is rooted in the Biblical languages. There is a big emphasis on missions and evangelism. The seminary is also very committed to raising a generation of faithful expository preachers. The interdenominational mix is a bonus as well. It is a warm and loving environment. The students are a great group of people, and all the professors are humble, godly, and approachable.

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  2. I just completed my M.A. in Biblical Languages and M.A. in New Testament. Gordon-Conwell provides the best exegetical study of Scripture, hands down. You’ll be learning the languages, doing Semantic Structure, Discourse Analysis, Form Criticism, all to bring unity to the text and understand and get closer to the original meaning of the text, before making the homiletic jump.

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  3. I originally was drawn to GC because of my respect for Dave Drury and Larry Wilson but then the more I researched the more I liked what I saw about the school. After being there I was not disappointed. Like Dave Drury said, the integration of the Bible is HUGE there. Many seminaries are dropping or don’t require biblical languages, even top notch schools like Duke, but not GC. You have to be proficient in Greek and Hebrew and then use them in your other classes. I like that. They are also very big on teaching their students to apply what they learn in the church. Their mentored ministry program is a major part of going there. If you are considering GCTS then just know that you will be required to put in something like 600 hours of work in a local church or para-church organization. That is so important and I’m glad they require that. A good thing for me is that I won’t have to do the mentored ministry because of my years of pastoral ministry. I appreciate the fact that they respect my years of service. I think it works out to each year of ministerial service takes the place of one unit of mentored ministry or something like that.

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