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Moody Theological Seminary (MTS) is the graduate division of Moody Bible Institute (MBI), a Christian institution of higher education and media ministry that was founded by evangelist Dwight L. Moody in 1886. As the graduate division of Moody Bible Institute, MTS offers degrees at the seminary/graduate level. MTS exists to train Bible interpreters who will apply and incarnate biblical truth and minister and communicate that truth to others.

Moody Theological Seminary has two graduate campuses, one located in Near North Side of Chicago (Moody Theological Seminary – Chicago) and the other in Plymouth, Michigan (Moody Theological Seminary – Michigan). MTS currently offers graduate degrees in Master of Arts, Master of Ministry, Master of Divinity, and Master of Counseling/Psychology. MTS also offers graduate certificate, a one-year program of study at the graduate level. All graduate degrees are offered through traditional courses in MTS Chicago, or through distance education models by combining online and modular courses.

Today, Moody Theological Seminary – Chicago enrolls approximately 460 students coming from 23 states and 31 foreign countries. Almost 56 denominations are represented in MTS Chicago.

On 2009, Dr. J. Paul Nyquist became the ninth president of Moody Bible Institute.

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  1. The Moody Theological Seminary is rich in tradition and is situated in quite a location for ministry–Chicago. By walking out the doors of Moody, one is surrounded by not only people from all over the world, but also people in drastically different economic conditions. This presents an immense amount of opportunities to do ministry and one does not have to go far to find these opportunities. The academics at Moody Seminary have made significant strides and all their courses equip students with fundamental and practical tools for ministry. They offer various programs and also provide distance learning options, creating opportunities to make seminary convenient for students in many locations. Not only that, but they also offer numerous scholarships. Overall, Moody Seminary prepares students for ministry in both an intellectual and practical manner. This is the heartbeat of Moody and I don’t foresee this ever-changing.

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