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Thoroughly committed to Reformed Theology and the absolute authority of Scripture, Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) Charlotte trains students to pursue the kingdom of God with sharpened minds and hearts aflame for the Gospel. Since its founding in 1993, RTS Charlotte has trained men and women as pastors, educators, campus ministers, youth ministers, chaplains, missionaries, and countless other Christian vocations. Moreover, RTS Charlotte puts a strong emphasis on experience through internships in many of the 3,000 churches within an hour’s driving distance of the seminary.

RTS Charlotte is ideally located in the heart of southeast Charlotte, with excellent access to the airport, the interstate system, the bulk of the residential areas of Charlotte. The campus is composed of five buildings with over 50,000 square feet of space, providing ample classrooms, library, and office areas, all with full wireless access.

RTS Charlotte currently offers academic degrees in Master of Divinity, Master of Arts (Biblical Studies), Master of Arts (Theological Studies) and Doctor of Ministry. Michael J. Kruger serves as the current President of RTS Charlotte and Professor of New Testament.

Master of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary (North Carolina Campus)

The Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.) is at the core of RTS Charlotte’s educational training. It is a 106 semester hour program with electives available in all the different theological disciplines. The program includes the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew in order to equip the student to dig deeper into the text. Biblical courses will include concentrating on each book of the Bible in depth. For those who have studied Greek or Hebrew may take proficiency examinations to determine if they may be exempted from portions of the language requirements. In addition to the coursework, M.Div. students are required to complete 400 hours of field education experience during their degree program, which is further designed to help students put their academic knowledge into practice.

Required Master of Divinity Core Courses per Year (3 Year M.Div. Curriculum)
Junior Year (1st Year) – 37 hours

  • Greek I and II (6 hours, 3 hours each)
  • The History of Christianity I and II (6 hours, 3 hours each)
  • Leadership (2)
  • Gospels (3)
  • Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies (3)
  • Classics of Personal Devotions (1)
  • Acts and Romans (2)
  • History of Philosophy and Christian Thought (3)
  • Evangelism (2)
  • Greek Exegesis (2)
  • Pauline Epistles (3)
  • Christian Encounter with Islam (3)
  • Elective (2)

Middle Year (2nd Year) – 34 hours

  • Missions (2)
  • Introduction to Hebrew (3)
  • Communication I (2)
  • Pastoral Counseling (3)
  • Genesis – Joshua (3)
  • Systematic Theology I (3)
  • Field Education Internship
  • Intermediate Hebrew (3)
  • Hebrew – Revelation (3)
  • Pastoral Ministry (2)
  • Hebrew Exegesis (2)
  • Poets (2)
  • Preaching Laboratory I (2)
  • Systematic Theology II (2)
  • Elective (2)

Senior Year (3rd Year) – 35 hours

  • Systematic Theology III (3)
  • Isaiah – Malachi (3)
  • Pastoral and Social Ethics (3)
  • Church Polity (1)
  • Communication II (2)
  • Principles of Sanctification (1)
  • Field Education Seminar
  • Apologetics (2)
  • Worship (3)
  • Educational Ministry of the Church (2)
  • Covenant Theology (2)
  • Advanced Biblical Exegesis/Macro-Hermeneutics (3)
  • Preaching Laboratory II (2)
  • Judges – Ester (2)
  • 3 Elective (6 hours, 2 hours each)
  • Field Education Seminar

RTS Charlotte offers two different emphasis in the Master of Divinity Program: M.Div. Emphasis in Reformed Campus Ministry and M.Div. Emphasis in Chaplains Ministry. Students who select an emphasis should adjust the core curriculum by dropping subjects then substituting it with the required courses.

Master of Divinity Emphasis in Reformed Campus Ministry

RTS Charlotte recognizes that ministry among college and university students is one of the most significant and strategic ways to develop next generation’s church leaders and evangelize the lost. Thus, RTS Charlotte offers the Institute of Reformed Campus Ministry (IRCM) which provides specialized training in the Master of Divinity degree with a focus upon ministry among college and university students. The IRCM includes a degree emphasis within the M.Div. program at the RTS Charlotte campus, an active fellowship among students headed to campus ministry, annual conferences & lectures, and numerous campus ministry opportunities. Within this degree emphasis, IRCM students are allowed to take specially focused courses in lieu of core classes and electives in the general M. Div. curriculum.

  • Ministry in a Postmodern Context replaces Church and the World
  • Pastoral Ministry: Local Church & College Campus replaces Pastoral MInistry
  • Discipleship & Campus Ministry replaces Educational Ministries in the Church
  • Planting and Growing a Campus Ministry replaces Evangelism
  • Applied Apologetics replaces one Elective course

Master of Divinity Emphasis in Chaplains Ministry

Due to the incredible opportunities and need for chaplains in all sectors of American life, both domestically and internationally, RTS Charlotte offers the Chaplains Ministry Institute (CMI) that focuses on preparing men and women for service in many settings: military, institutional, airport, hospital, corporate, and more. The CMI includes a degree emphasis within the M. Div. program at the RTS Charlotte campus, an active fellowship among students headed for chaplain ministry, annual conferences & lectures, numerous chaplain ministry opportunities, and mentorships with chaplains in the community. Within the degree emphasis, CMI students take special focused courses in lieu of core classes and electives in the general M. Div. curriculum.

These courses are as follows:

  • Leadership and Chaplain Ministry
  • Pastoral Theology for Chaplains
  • Counseling and Chaplain Ministry
  • Evangelism, Chaplaincy and Pluralism
  • Applied Apologetics

More information about Reformed Theological Seminary (Charlotte Campus) curriculum.

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  1. I think the emphasis RTS Charlotte places on intership is wonderful. Learning theology shouldn’t be done in a vacuum and these internships are a great way to flesh out theology.

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