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In addition to the Jackson and Charlotte  campus, Reformed Theological Seminary offers courses at the Orlando campus. RTS Orlando is a place of vocational and spiritual formation under the mentoring of godly pastors-scholars who share your burden for the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Word of God, for the lost, for the saints to be equipped, and for the nations to be discipled. RTS Orlando has trained more than 1,500 pastors and leaders for the global 21st century church since opening in the fall of 1989.

RTS Orlando currently offers academic degrees in Master of Divinity, Master of Arts (Biblical Studies), Master of Arts (Theological Studies), Master of Arts in Counseling and Doctor of Ministry. RTS Orlando maintains a belief in the inerrancy of the Bible and generally follows Reformed tradition, including Covenant Theology. Don Sweeting serves as the current President of RTS Charlotte and James Woodrow Hassell Professor of Church History.

Master of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando Campus)

RTS Orlando offers one of the most rigorous and comprehensive Master of Divinity degrees in the United States to both men and women from the states and abroad. The M. Div. curriculum is designed to offer training for pastoral ministry and is concentrated in three basic areas – Bible, theology, and practical theology. In addition to training for pastoral ministry, the curriculum is designed to aid in the student’s sanctification and ability to apply Scripture to contemporary circumstances.

Students taking the M.Div. degree may major in one of two emphasis offered in Belcher Campus: Counseling and Baptist Studies. Both programs require a total of 106 semester hours and is typically done in 3 years.

Students begin taking Hebrew and Greek in their first year. For those who have studied Greek or Hebrew may take proficiency examinations to determine if they may be exempted from portions of the language requirements.

Required Master of Divinity Core Courses per Year (3 Year M. Div. Curriculum)
Junior Year – 37 hours

  • Greek I and II (6 hours, 3 credits each)
  • Theology of Ministry I (2)
  • The History of Christianity I and II (6 hours, 3 credits each)
  • Evangelism (2)
  • Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies (3)
  • Christian Encounter with Islam (2)
  • Hebrew I and II (6 hours, 3 credits each)
  • Greek Exegesis (3)
  • Genesis – Joshua (3)
  • Communication I (2)
  • Elective (2)

Middle Year – 36 hours

  • Gospels (4)
  • Pastoral Counseling (3)
  • Hebrew Exegesis (2)
  • Preaching Laboratory I (1)
  • Systematic Theology I & II (6 hours, 3 hours each)
  • Judges – Ester (2)
  • Educational Ministry of the Church (2)
  • History of Philosophy and Christian Thought (3)
  • Acts and Pauline Epistles (4)
  • Advanced Biblical Exegesis (2)
  • Poets (2)
  • Preaching Laboratory II (1)
  • 2 Elective (4 hours, 2 hours each)

Senior year – 33 hours

  • Hebrews – Revelation (3)
  • Missions (3)
  • Communication II (2)
  • Worship (3)
  • Classics of Personal Devotions (1)
  • Systematic Theology III (2)
  • Apologetics (2)
  • Mentoring (1)
  • Field Education Seminar
  • Church Polity (1)
  • Isaiah – Malachi (3)
  • Theology of Ministry II (2)
  • Preaching Laboratory III (1)
  • Covenant Theology (2)
  • Pastoral and Social Ethics (3)
  • 2 Electives (4 hours, 2 hours each)
  • Field Education Seminar

RTS Orlando offers two different emphasis in the Master of Divinity Program: M.Div. Emphasis in Counseling and M.Div. Emphasis in Baptist Studies. Students who select an emphasis should adjust the core curriculum by dropping subjects then substituting it with the required courses.

Master of Divinity Emphasis in Counseling

The Master of Divinity Emphasis in Counseling provides students preparing for Christian ministry with an opportunity to receive specialized training in applying the gospel to persons in a variety of situations and settings.

These courses are as follows:

  • Addictions replaces 1 Elective (3 hours)
  • Theory and Practice of Counseling & Psychotherapy replaces 1 Elective (3 hours)
  • Psychology in Relation to Theology I replaces Classics of Peers Devotion
  • Sexuality and Sex Therapy replaces Educational Ministry of the Church
  • Couples Counseling replaces 1 Elective (3)

Master of Divinity Emphasis in Baptist Studies

The Master of DIvinity Emphasis in Baptist Studies is offered in conjunction with the Nicole Institute of Baptist Studies at RTS Orlando, which exists to prepare leaders for the church who are marked with “a mind for truth, and a heart for God,” by imparting to them the riches of Reformed theology and piety whole also conveying a robust vision of the church and its ministry.

These courses are as follows:

  • Baptist Confessions replaces 1 Elective (2)
  • Baptist Theology of Ministry replaces 1 Elective (2)
  • Baptist Polity replaces Church Polity
  • Baptist History replaces 1 Elective (1)

More information about the curriculum of Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando.

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  1. I’m a second year M.Div. student who moved from out of state to come to RTS-Orlando. The faculty at RTS are learned in their fields, pastoral in their heart for students, and devoted to teaching theology which leads to doxology. Through RTS, I know I’m being equipped to “rightly divide God’s word of truth” for the good of His church.

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  2. I’m a third year student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL. My time at RTS has been nothing short of amazing. RTS features a world-class faculty, incredible curriculum, vibrant student life, and is becoming increasingly robust in spiritual formation. During my period of discernment about where to go to seminary I researched and visited some of the top evangelical seminaries in the United States judging them based on their rigorous academic reputation (thoughtful students and future PhD candidates) and vibrant student life. There is simply no seminary in the country like RTS that combined not only a mind for truth, but a zealous passion for God. Praise God for his goodness and faithfulness to the RTS community.

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