There are a lot of seminaries in North America - over 250, in fact. And this only counts accredited seminaries. If you count all of the Bible schools and theological extension programs, it would surely number in the thousands.

Of these 250 schools, there are approximately 50 seminaries which openly identify with the Evangelical movement. While this is only one-fifth of the seminaries, they account for more than half of the students. Evangelicalism is a large and diverse movement.

Many religious traditions and denominations explicitly expect their students to attend one of the seminaries affiliated with their denomination. This makes choosing a seminary for most people in these traditions simple - one of a few well-known quantities. Evangelicalism is different. It is a movement which self-identifies around a set of basic theological distinctives. This means that an evangelical could receive an education recognized by evangelicals at one of many different schools.

And there are, by my count, at least 50 evangelical seminaries in North America. This means that a wide variety of options exist for those seeking this kind of education. The problem is that most prospective students can only name a handful. This is because no comprehensive guide exists for the prospective student - until now. This website is designed to help build a knowledge base about all of the options available to evangelical Christians so that prospective students can truly understand the ever-increasing array options available to them and make the best choice.

We're glad you've come here. We encourage you to look around, and if you have any knowledge of one of these schools, please write a review! It is your reviews which will make this site valuable to others. Also, please spread the word to your friends.