The Goal of Seminary Reviews is to be informative. Please help others by telling as much as you know about the seminary in your post. Critical reviews can be very helpful, but they should be done in a constructive spirit.

If you have an affiliation with the school of any kind, faculty, student, alumni, please indicate that in your review.

Ratings: Your post will not submit successfully until you rate the seminary by at least one category. The Master of Divinity is the primary degree that seminarians seek, so questions are oriented toward the Master of Divinity.

Academic Training

How well trained for further academic study does the average student leave this school? While every pastor will need some academic knowledge, some seminaries have programs structured to challenge the mind and lay a good foundation for further study.

Pastoral Training

On the other hand, some seminary programs recognizes that most graduates are seeking to be pastors focus more on pastoral skills. How well trained in basic pastoral skills does the average student leave the school? How much of the program is geared toward practical rather than academic concerns?

Political Standing

On a scale of one to five, how conservative is the seminary? You may not agree with the examples, but they are designed to help you get a flavor for your own rating.

Very Liberal

Focus more on anti-Christian themes and theories than the Bible. The focus of this site is Evangelical seminaries, so very few seminaries here will be in this category. Example: Boston University.

Leans Liberal

This seminary is liberal in its orientation, but it's not like the Jesus Seminar. There may be an moderate evangelical professor here or there. Again, very few of the seminaries on this list would be in this category. Example: Duke Divinity School.


This seminary is "middle of the road", and has a mix of both moderate and evangelical faculty. Some textbooks are liberal and some are conservative. Example: Fuller Theological Seminary.


Faculty must sign a statement of faith. The campus climate is explicitly Bible-believing. There may be some engagement with liberal theories but from a critical perspective. Example: Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Staunch Conservative

This seminary is basically fundamentalist. The program is built around Bible doctrine and Biblical literalism. This permeates every aspect of the teaching. Example: Dallas Theological Seminary.